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“Four adventurers wander through the city’s darkened streets, not seeing the shadowy figure rise behind them.
A solemn group crest a crimson dune, seeing the Fortress of Bronze lying before them, its Clockwork Guardians still protecting dead masters.
The Dragon laughs and fire climbs up its throat, one figure stands to protect their companions, steel glinting on their sword and in their soul…”

At Impstone Games we provide tailored tabletop adventures and stories, exciting worlds and engaging characters. Whether you are an experienced player, or have never rolled a dice in your life, Tabletop Games are fun, accessible and are a great way to have a laugh with your friends or meet new people. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience, we carefully craft a bespoke campaign for you and your party, to draw you into a wild and new fantastical world. We cater to players of any experience and of all types, whether you need a premade character, an adventure module, or a completely new and unique tale to take part in, Impstone will make sure you never regret your choice of adventure.

The stories

Unforgettable Adventures

Whether you join a public game, or play with your friends, you'll be talking about your exploits in Impstone adventures for years to come.

Passion & Expertise

5+ years of Tabletop experience

customer satisfaction

With an in-depth introduction and regular check-ins, we make sure that you are always getting the most out of your sessions.

100% Unique Narratives

Your choices affect your story, for a completely personal experience.

original storytelling


Impstone provides you with a wide breadth of choice when it comes to your adventure. We offer both pre-written official modules and personal, bespoke campaigns, each with their own personal flare. If you’re having trouble deciding, why not look through one of our pre-written modules, to see if it catches your interest? Or if you have a personal world you’ve always wanted to play in, but never had the chance, send us the details and we can make sure you get the experience you’ve always wanted.

We also offer team-building event packages, roleplaying games have been shown to improve teamwork, problem solving and confidence. They’re also a lot more fun than diving into icy water as well!

Check below for a list of our public campaigns.

"Consideration and flexibility. The ability to take whatever random ideas I have - even in the middle of a campaign - and implement them in exactly the way I never knew I needed always surprises me"

Khaldun Redforge, Dwarven Warlock

Public Campaigns

Survival Horror in an Arctic Wasteland.

In the Tundra of Icewind Dale the settlements of Ten Towns are on the brink of destruction, held in the icy grip of an eternal winter. Discover ancient forces, defeat sinister plots and contend with the power of the Goddess of Winter herself.

A magical and maddening adventure through the World of Faerie.

The Witchlight Carnival has come to town! Play games with the raucous employees, watch as Mr. Witch and Mr. Light provide the most incredible entertainment. Just don’t ask about that shape in the mirror. Or the missing children…

An expedition into an ancient, undead infested jungle.

A deadly affliction is coursing through the world. Called “The Death Curse”, it is causing anyone resurrected by magic to slowly waste away and die. Trek through the ancient jungle of Chult, enter the Tomb of the Nine Gods and end this curse once and for all.

Public Campaign

£ 20 Per Player
  • Custom Characters
  • A Premade Campaign
  • Four to five hour campaigns
  • Up to six players

Introductory Game

£ 150 Per Game
  • Premade Characters
  • In-depth teaching experience
  • Four hour session
  • Up to six players

Private Game

£ 200 Per Game
  • Premade or Custom Characters
  • Tailored Story, homebrewed magic items, custom battle and world maps.
  • Four to five hour sessions
  • Up to six players
  • Flat rate

Corporate Events

£ 350 Per Day
  • Premade Characters (custom by request)
  • Time/location flexible
  • Five hour session (longer by request)

About Us

Alex Clarke


He's constantly coming up with new ideas for me and my characters, sends me links and posts that he's found online and magical items which he thinks will help my gameplay."